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Sometimes I like slim, sometimes I like thick / Sometimes I combine them and I like thim slick. 😉😉

Im JUST trying to WIN!

See everybody ain’t balling
Most is falling
Even more is crawling
When they look up all they see is the position that you all in
So don’t be so up that it blind you
Or so far ahead you don’t see people are behind you

Relationships are supposed to teach you way more than just about the person you’re in the relationship with. They should teach you more about yourself, about things, about life, about the world in general. And if you’re not getting that knowledge, then im willing to say that’s just infatuation. And you cant build off of that. You have to feed way more than just my eyes and my body. You have to feed my mind. You have to feed my soul. You have to touch me spiritually in a way no one else does. Relationships should leave you thankful for the experience if it ends, not bitter and cold. And that cant happen if there isnt a much deeper and wider scope to your relationship.
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Aint talking about, aint no walking out we….